Office 2016 All versions compared

Office 2016: Versions at a glance

Like its predecessor, also Office 2016 is again available in different versions. These differ not only the price, but also the functions and the number of possible installations. Who buys Office 2016 as a single license, you can install the program only on a single computer. Currently, there are four different variants of Office 2016.

Office 2016 All versions compared

Office 2016 home and student (single license)
Office 2016 home and business (single license)
Office 2016 as a direct download from Microsoft (single license)
Office 2016 as part of Office 365

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In the following article we will show you what these versions each differ from each other. Read also the article Office 2016: all new features in the overview to learn what makes it different than the predecessor Office 2016.

Office 2016: Student and business versions

Office 2016 All versions compared.

For most customers, the difference between the student and business versions of the most important office 2016 should be because these two versions in retail are sold. Who buys Office 2016 home and student or the Office 2016 home and business, thereby receives a single license. This means: the program Office Professional Plus 2016 Key can be installed only on a single computer. Who wants to use Office 2016 product key on multiple machines, would have to obtain thus a new license for each computer.

Price, the two versions differ quite significantly.

Office 2016 All versions compared2

Office 2016 home and student is currently sold at various retailers for around 130 euros.
The price for Office 2016 home and business is around 230,-euros.

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The home and student version is intended exclusively for private use, for example for writing and managing personal documents. Who want to commercially exploit Office 2016, must get the home and business version. Accordingly, the functionality in the home and student version is also slightly smaller: the “Office for private people” contains no Outlook 2016. can sign up for the cloud storage service OneDrive users of both versions and get 15 GB free storage space for documents and data. You will find all the important differences between the two versions combined again in the following table.

Office 2016: All versions only as download available

Both Office 2016 home and student as well Office 2016 home and business will be sold at retail as usual in a pack – however, this box contains no disk, but only a download key, with which you can download Office 2016 directly on the machine. In addition, the possibility the two versions of Office 2016 in a single license as to acquire direct download at Microsoft. There is however no difference to the versions available in the retail. In addition, Microsoft offers the Office suite as part of the Office 365 subscription – we show you the differences for the individual licenses in the next section. Read also how her Office 2016 for free upgrade to can.

Office 2016 as part of Office 365

Office 365 is the subscription service from Microsoft and allows you to use all Office products customers for an annual fee. Who completes a subscription to Office 365 (or already has) Office 2016 – automatically receives the subscription but not forcible is required in order to use a single license. More information can be found here: you need Office 365 to take advantage of Office 2016? What are the benefits? Microsoft provides various Office 365 subscriptions, for home users, the most important are: buy Office 2016 key

Office 365 staff: 69,-euro per year, applies to an individual
Office 365 home: 99 Euro per year, is valid for up to 5 persons in the household
The functionality of Office 2016 in an Office 365 subscription * is the same for both subscriptions and offers users several advantages in comparison with the individual licenses of Office 2016. The main differences are that:

You will receive the complete Office package with all applications.
You can install Office 2016 on up to 5 computers and 5 mobile devices (tablets, smartphones).
You will receive free cloud storage by OneDrive 1 TB.
You will automatically receive the latest version of Office applications.
10 Office 2016 users can use Windows the new Office mobile apps without additional cost.
Office 2016 offers therefore several advantages when compared to the single license versions in a subscription Office 365, however, it binds effectively to Microsoft. Who regularly uses Office, can nevertheless a subscription to think alone already to be always up to date.